TA Drainage - Excavations


  • Whether it’s an emergency repair or scheduled maintenance, TA Drainage offers everything you need to keep your underground water and drainage systems working their best — at a price that’s easy on your wallet. Follow the links below to find out more about our complete list of services, or call your nearest location for immediate assistance.
  • Drain Excavation is sometimes the only way to bring your drainage system back into perfect running order. While in most cases a basic drain repair or cleaning may be enough, certain cases require a complete drainage excavation. Most people try to ignore this service as it requires more time than a repair or cleaning service, but the fact is that a drainage system that needs excavation cannot be repaired any other way!
  • Excavations are the process of removing drainage systems from the ground. This needs to be done in a safe manner with minimal damage to the surrounding area or piping systems. Whatever the size, in the home or commercial premises we can assist with all types of drain excavations.
  • Excavation services Sometimes we need to do trench excavation work before we install or repair drains and pipes. We have experienced specialist excavation teams capable of working in both domestic, commercial and public locations. We meet health and safety regulations being trained to work within confined spaces and the public highway.